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Stefan Vermeulen†works as a technical consultant for a Bi and CPM software company and has about 5 years of experience in Terminal Server and Citrix solutions. He has founded as a gesture towards the†SBC community to provide support for printing difficulties.

Stefan is a Microsoft MVP for Terminal Services for the outstanding contributions he has made over the years.†He has also been recently awarded the status of Citrix Technology Professional.

The concept of troubleshooting and optimising printing in SBC, has also lead to giving presentations on this topic at Citrix CSEIT, briforum, and pubforum events.

You can also find Stefan in the official Citrix forums, where he often posts.

Stefan Vermeulen's Latest Contributions

The Hunt for the Bad Printer Driver
Date - Aug 29, 2006
Section - Articles & Tutorials / Printing
In this article I will go into the extensive search you need to do to find a culprit printer driver haunting your farm. This article should reduce the wild goose chase back to a 10 minute job.
Setting up Citrix shadowing from A to Z
Date - Jun 20, 2006
Section - Articles & Tutorials / Management Tools
In this article I will describe Citrix shadowing.
Seamless Application explained
Date - May 23, 2006
Section - Articles & Tutorials / General
In this article I will describe the technology involved in seamless applications and give you some insight as to why seamless does not always work 100% correctly.
Optimising and Troubleshooting Logon Time to the Server
Date - Apr 27, 2006
Section - Articles & Tutorials / Performance
In this article I will try to explain how logon time might increase, and how to tackle and improve logon time where possible. Users are easily annoyed with long logon/logoff times making it harder to accept an SBC solution.
Buying Your First Terminal Server
Date - Apr 11, 2006
Section - Articles & Tutorials / General
The use of Server Based Computing for home workers or connecting a small branch office is very appealing to small companies. However this often means that most companies buy their first Terminal Server without any prior knowledge of the technology. Here are some useful recommendations to keep in mind when purchasing your first Terminal Server.
Understanding Terminal Server/Citrix Licensing Models
Date - Mar 14, 2006
Section - Articles & Tutorials / Licensing
A lot has been said in the past about the licensing models of Terminal Server and Citrix. Interpreting the exact results of certain choices may not always be fully clear beforehand. This article will help you understand and give you some tips along the way.
Citrix Presentation Server 4.0 Printing Changes
Date - Feb 14, 2006
Section - Articles & Tutorials / Printing
With Presentation Server 4.0 Citrix released a version with a major overhaul on functionality. The most drastic one - in my eyes - was the new printing engine. In this article I will talk about it, now that it has been around for quite a while.
Citrix Client Types: Features and Limitations
Date - Jan 18, 2006
Section - Articles & Tutorials / General
Citrix has a few client versions available. Choosing a specific type could look good in the beginning, but turn sour at a later stage. This article should help you fully understand the consequences of a client type, the features and the infrastructure needed.
Dealing with Poor Bandwidth and Latency
Date - Dec 07, 2005
Section - Articles & Tutorials / Performance
Poor bandwidth and latency can have a huge impact on the use of Server Based Computing and can lead to an unworkable environment for the end users. This article will help you understand and fight these issues where possible.
Surviving Printing on Citrix
Date - Nov 02, 2005
Section - Articles & Tutorials / Printing
Printing with Citrix has always been a major problem, causing headaches all around. This article will help you stabilize your printing environment.

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