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PortServer TS 8/16 Listing updated: June†22, 2005

The PortServer TS 8/16 family of terminal servers delivers RS-232/422/485 serial-to-Ethernet connectivity for a range of applications. It provides hardware independent solutions that allow access to network server applications supporting TCP/IP. PortServer TS 8/16 incorporates Digi's RealPort software, which provides local serial port functionality as well as incoming and outgoing Rlogin and Telnet sessions on each port. Digi Port Authority - Remote (DPA-Remote) gives users a management tool for monitoring network and serial activity from a Windows or UNIX-based client or server. In addition, PortServer TS 8/16 provides SSH v2 encryption to protect against unauthorized monitoring of LAN traffic and port buffering which can be used to capture information from the serial ports of managed UNIX servers for problem resolution.
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