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Thinix TS-890i Listing updated: February†16, 2007

The Thinix TS-890i is a thin client computer integrating a 15-inch XGA (1024x768) LCD display, with a thin client computer. The integrated design eliminates space occupied by the computer, because the computer is designed into the monitor. The system is factory configured with the Thinix operating system so that you will be up and running. Simply connect a keyboard, mouse, power and Ethernet and this system is ready-to-go.

The system measures approximately 13.5? (W) x 7.25? (D) x 14.75? (H) and features 512MB of Compact Flash memory (which is where Thinix is stored), 256MB of RAM, and hardwired 10/100 Ethernet. System bundles include a PS2 keyboard, USB Mouse, Thinix operating system and power supply (everything you need to get started).
  • Company: Thinix
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  • Price: $679
  • Users' Rating: 4.44 [9 votes] - Vote


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