Thin Clients

Neoware Thin Clients Listing updated: November†7, 2005

Neoware thin clients let you run any Windows, mainframe, midrange, UNIX, Linux, or Internet application on smart, solid-state appliances across a wired or wireless network.

Neoware thin clients are available with a choice of Linux, Windows CE, and Windows XPe operating systems, and our flashless Neoware e100 thin clients support Windows XP Professional. Neoware thin clients also provide Neoware TeemTalk host access software for mainframes, UNIX and Linux, and Netscape and Internet Explorer web browsers. You can choose the thin client platform that is best for you, and choose the operating system and software that best meet your needs.
  • Company: Neoware Systems, Inc
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IGEL Clever Clienting Listing updated: November†7, 2005

IGEL thin clients are able to replace conventional PCs in many different areas and decrease the so-called Total Cost of Ownership due to favorable pricing and low management expenses. Server-based computing provides the basis for future-oriented data processing with savings potentials in management and administration at a maximum level of security.
  • Company: IGEL Technology GmbH
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Desktop Thin Clients Listing updated: October†31, 2005

Any time, any place working through ICA, RDP, and Internet Explorer. Athena Thin Clients provide a user experience and less trouble and work for administrators.

Athena provides differnt model thin clients for a variety of different environments and industries.
  • Company: Athena Europe BV
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BOSaNOVA Thin Clients Listing updated: July†13, 2007

BOSaNOVA Thin Clients offer users improved efficiency, increased security and lower maintenance and upgrade costs. They are available in a choice between CE.Net, LINUX, and XP Embedded and offer a host of features.

A wide-range of hardware options are available including Wireless Tablet, All-in-Ones and traditional logic units. Configure thin clients either locally or remotely with the BOSaNOVA Manager Software which is included standard on all thin clients. 3-year advance exchange warranty is also standard and product customization is available.
  • Company: BOSaNOVA
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