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Jetro CockpIT Listing updated: April†28, 2009

Jetro COCKPIT is a Windows Terminal Service add-on. COCKPIT maximizes and exploits the power of Terminal Services by providing critical services that are necessary for enterprise deployments. These services include:

Scalability ? COCKPIT offers the most powerful and flexible load-balancing engine available to get the most out of your servers and provide users with peak performance. Enable your IT to grow with your company by simply adding new servers into the COCKPIT farm. Security ? Deliver centralized applications to users quickly and easily without opening Terminal Servers to users. Remote Access ? Provide secure access to centralized applications for remote applications without exposing the Terminal Servers to the Internet and without expensive VPNs. Usability ? Deliver seamless applications to users directly from the Start menu. Printing ? COCKPIT's universal driver provides maintenance free printing from centralized applications to local printers. High print compression saves critical network bandwidth and maximum performance.
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