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UniPrint solutions solve network printing and printer management issues enhancing usability, manageability and security in physical and virtual desktop environments.

UniPrint universal printer driver eliminates printer driver incompatibility issues promoting consistently fast printing from anywhere to any printer using any client device. Its PDF generator optimizes bandwidth availability. Daily font replication and on-demand font caching enhance the portability of PDF, ultimately delivering faster printing speed and better print job quality. UniPrint?s unique printer profiler tool allows administrators to create printer profiles with different combinations of advanced printer functionality enabled - such as stapling, hole punching, binding and other printer-specific features - according to users? specific requirements. Users can easily activate multiple printer features by selecting the predefined profile. As organizations increase their security requirements for printing confidential information, UniPrint supports the secure printing feature on major brand-name printers, by allowing users to withhold print jobs from releasing for printing until they enter their PIN code at the physical printer. UniPrint is optimized for Citrix XenApp (MetaFrame/Presentation Servers), Microsoft Remote Desktop Services (Terminal Services), Citrix XenDesktop, VMware View VDI, and Microsoft Desktop Virtualization environments.

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