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Relevos addresses the a critical issue concerning terminal server performance: user and application response times. Relevos monitors all running processes and users, identifying those that consume excessive CPU and memory resources, and ensures no user or process can consume excessive CPU or memory resources at the expense of other users or other processes. It accomplishes this so the terminal server can concentrate on serving applications to users. This product is designed exclusively for customers running Citrix MetaFrame, Tarantella Secure Global Desktop, or standard terminal server.

Features include: CPU Throttling: Sets a maximum CPU % for any process or service, thereby ensuring no process can consume all of the CPU at the expense of other users or processes.
Intelligent Priority Control: Modifies and balances the operating system's internal scheduler for thread and process priority. Compatibility: Relevos TSE runs on all versions of Microsoft Windows server operating systems, including Windows Server 2003, Windows 2000 Server, and Windows NT4 Terminal Server Edition. Relevos TSE requires the base terminal services to be enabled. Optionally, third-party server based computing software can run alongside Relevos, such as software from Citrix, Tarantella, and Jetro. Relevos automatically turns on CPU Throttling and Intelligent Priority Control when installed. Relevos records processes and users according to CPU usage, Memory usage, and user sessions.

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