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RemoteScan for Terminal Services Listing updated: January†18, 2006

RemoteScan is a software solution that turns any document scanner, card scanner, flatbed scanner, or other imaging device, into a network device right out of the box. With RemoteScan ordinary as well as high-end scanners can now be shared with other PCs or Thin Clients across your entire network. Installed on a Terminal Services or Citrix Server, RemoteScan allows users at workstations (PCs or Thin Clients) to scan directly into any of their software applications which are running on the server.
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  • Price: $189.99
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December†12, 2008 - Remote Scan is Rock Solid by Daniel Cernick, Product Rating: 5/5
I have been using Remote Scan for a year now to scan documents directly into our server hosted application. It works great, its rock solid and is very simple to install. Remote Scan is the only way to go!

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