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ScrewDrivers v4 Listing updated: July†21, 2006

ScrewDrivers v4 is triCerat's stand-alone print application that eliminates the hassle and challenge of managing drivers on your Terminal Server and Citrix environments, ending print problems that increase support cost and effort. Unlike other printing solutions that emulate a lowest-common denominator printer driver or are simply a backup for auto-creation failures, ScrewDrivers detects the user's printer attributes and dynamically creates a fully featured virtual printer. ScrewDrivers also overcome the limitations of print solutions based on PDF or EMF formats, providing unmatched document handling and print performance regardless of application or printer.

ScrewDrivers requires minimal configuration. When you're ready to stop managing drivers on your servers and provide users with problem-free printing from any application to any printer, using any printer setting, you're ready for ScrewDrivers.
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