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MetaProfiles-IT Listing updated: October†17, 2005

Working in conjunction with a pre-configured (tiny) mandatory profile stored locally on the Terminal Server, MetaProfiles-IT simulates the behavior of a roaming profile by importing and exporting, upon logon and logoff, only the relevant portions of the profile that must persist across user sessions. Using the PMF Management Console, the administrator specifies all the relevant HKCU sub-keys and special folders (and sub-folders) that must persist, and sets additional important properties on a per sub-key or folder basis. Among the configurable properties is the scope, which specifies whether a particular sub-key or folder is farm-global or specific to one or more servers in the farm. Another important property specifies whether to process a particular sub-key or folder synchronously or asynchronously during the logon process.

MetaProfiles-IT can be used in conjunction with existing roaming profiles to ensure that all the relevant profile data are exported prior to reconfiguring user accounts to use a mandatory profile.
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