Block-IT Listing updated: October†17, 2005

Block-IT (Application Access Control) ensures that no user can ever gain access to unauthorized (local- or network-resident) program executables regardless of their security privileges or file system rights. Using its built-in hashing algorithm, Block-IT guards against application spoofing by verifying the authenticity of each authorized application at launch time. Multiple hashes per application are allowed in a multi-server farm in order to support the piece-meal update or upgrade of a given application or O/S.

Block-IT also features a scheduler to ensure that users can only execute authorized applications within a specified schedule (time-of-day and days-of-week.) Shortly before terminating a schedule-bound application, Block-IT notifies the user of the impending termination, thus giving them the opportunity to exit the application. Finally, it terminates the running application when the ending time is reached.
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