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UniPrint Gateway Edition Listing updated: July†17, 2009

UniPrint Gateway Edition is the total printing solution for Citrix (XenApp, Presentation, and MetaFrame)/Terminal Server environments. It is a Portable Document Format (PDF)-based universal printer driver technology that empowers enterprise networks to provide easy access, consistently fast printing and secure delivery to users across platforms, offices, and countries.

UniPrint Gateway Edition supports thin and fat, local and remote clients connecting to Citrix/Terminal Servers, enables easy access, fast printing, and secure delivery, solves all printer driver incompatibility issues with one universal printer driver, enhances server stability, converts print data to PDF files, saving up to 90% bandwidth consumption, allows remote deployment and centralized management across the network, enables ?clientless? printing to networked and locally-attached printers and provides end-to-end print data protection.
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